Mantra Music Album Kirtan Music Album: Road to Love by SoultoSoul Stream your mantra music in 2023

SoultoSoul Road to Love Music Album Group

SoultoSoul - Road to love
- 23 songs, each with a life transforming story, hidden in its lines.

Stream or download the best spiritual music in 2023! 

You have been waiting to stream yoga music or to download it to your device?
Stream/download your spiritual yoga music now!

SoultoSoul Road to Love provides you with 23 songs -
A mix of ancient chants from the east with conscious awakening songs from the west

With one spiritual music stream/download you can get all the Yoga music and mantras combined: the Maha Mantra, shiva mantra as well as om namo shivaya, krishna songs such as the Hare Krishna Maha mantra, namaste narasimhaya and not to be missed: om namo gurudev! All these are mixed with conscious awakening western songs in one album: Road to Love by SoultoSoul! 

SoultoSoul - Road to Love is the Yoga Music to stream or download in 2023, it provides you with every Krishna song on every streaming platform that you have been looking for. Let our Maha mantra streams and ancient chants mixed with western conscious awakening songs play its magic on you and stream or download your spiritual music today! 

Available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay and CDBabyStore!

Join the Road to Love with SoultoSoul! Find the hidden spiritual meaning in a fusion of conscious awakening songs from the west and ancient chants from the east.

Why this album is for you
It is the hidden treasure in every music collection; modern music with a deeper meaning.
The songs are for every age and for people from all backgrounds and interest.
It is a revolution of consciousness that every single individual in this world is welcome to join. 

Join your personal Road to Love, sing along a fresh new version of already known, ancient songs from the east
or enjoy modern cheerful songs with deeper meaning.

Balance out your days with the mixture of our songs.
Sit back and think about the  meaning and take yourself
on a journey
by listening to each single song. 


Special Thanks to
Studio Recordings Recorded by Mark Matula and Daniel Antix @ MM Productions
Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Antx @ Def Wolf Studios
Home Recordings Mastered by Daniel Antix @ Def Wolf Studios

The Lyrics

Road to Love” is a modern translation of bhakti yoga.
Road is yoga and bhakti is love.
It is a revolution of consciousness. 
"Mr. Why" is “Falling" in search for happiness.
"Home" is the place we can be free.
And "I will always be with you" is "Eternal Love".
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